Grant School


A half-day/one-day training course that will improve your chances of making a successful approach to grant funding bodies.  The method developed by About-the-Place Ltd, in partnership with Oxford Town Chambers Network Ltd, will introduce a five-step process designed to encourage time efficient, rational and realistic grant applications.

Key Issues Covered

  • Is grant funding always the best option?
  • Different grant schemes, different expectations and commitments
  • When to employ an expert?
  • Making the most of a grant offer

Why You Should Attend

The attraction of external funding often pushes aside the real need for an objective consideration of the time commitment and knowledge required to make, and honour, a successful grant application.

Most organisations do not have a dedicated funding officer that can make these decisions.  This seminar will provide you with a simple toolkit to enable you to make rational decisions about whether to approach a grant provider and to ensure that an opportunity does not become a liability.

Benefits of Attending

This course will:

  • Give you some ideas about how, and where, to look for external funding
  • Allow you to evaluate the costs and benefits of applying for funding for your organisation
  • Give you the opportunity to integrate the requirements of grant funding into the early stages of your project planning

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for any organisation or individual who will consider grant funding on an ad-hoc basis and therefore will not have in-house expertise available.  This will include voluntary and community organisations, other not-for-profit organisations and small businesses likely to become eligible for sector-specific support such as rural enterprises.

The Programme

  1. Grant funding explained
  2. Pre-submission self-assessment
  3. Understanding processes and expectations
  4. Concept to project reality
  5. When to use an expert
  6. Diagnostic (optional for longer course)
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