No man, who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives, is left long without proper reward.

Booker T. Washington


Who we are

About the Place Ltd was created by Oliver O’Dell. The company draws upon 18 years experience of working with businesses, local communities and stakeholder partnerships in towns, cities and regeneration areas.

"In my experience, About the Place has a rare combination of strategic planning, creative thinking, financial acumen, marketing knowledge and engagement with the operational 'on-the-ground' imperatives - and the skills and approach to bring all of these together - that successful place-management requires." Innovation Director at Together Innovation

"About the Place is highly professional and has the ability to deliver the impossible. They add value to any project that they are involved in and are a valuable member of our project team. They think and plan strategically and yet deliver comprehensive, detailed projects." Director at Springhill Farms and Gardens Ltd

"Oliver combines a talent for innovation with a strong track record on delivery and huge experience in town centre management and related issues. He also has an attention to detail and persistance that makes him a great asset to anyone putting together a major grant funding bid." Director at Oxfordshire Town Chambers Network

"Oliver's work has secured £50,000 of grant funding for the Faringdon Folly Tower Trust from two sources - with 100% success. He wrote both applications and I was delighted by the quality of the documents. As well as being great to work with, I find him very professional, proactive and he always delivers on-time." Chairman of Faringdon Folly Tower Trust

We fully understand the reluctance of some parties to use the expertise of "consultants". However, we truly believe that there are many reasons as to why the sensible and efficient use of someone else's expertise can save you time, money and uncertainty. As an added benefit, you will gain an objective and challenging perspective on an issue or project with which you have a vested interest. This can often strengthen your ideas and evolve your aspirations.

In our experience, 80% of individuals that say that they can do everything themselves never get around to doing the "nice-to-do" tasks such as putting together and submitting grant proposals. 80% of voluntary groups begin to struggle as they become more successful and then seek professional guidance and support at the last minute. 80% of community groups and partnerships could benefit from the added-value of our ability to broker new positive relationships with others working on similar initiatives.

Find out more about our expertise, our ethos, our associates and how we can work together.

Denise Kingsmill wrote in Management Today about the advantages of the suite career (opens as pdf in new window).

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